Huge Block to Borivali – Bhayandar 29 November

A Huge block will be taken from 10.35 hrs to 15.35 hrs o­n Up and Down Local lines (i.e. slow lines) o­n Sunday, 29th November, 2015 in the middle of Borivali and Bhayandar stations for support maintenance of track, signaling, flagging and overhead equipments. During the block, all over nearby line trains will run o­n Through lines i.e. (fast lines) between Vasai Road/Bhayander to Borivali.

During the block some of the up and down slow trains of Bhayander, Vasai and Nalasopara/Virar station will remain cancelled.

Detailed data to this impact is accessible with concerned Station Masters. Travelers are asked for to take note the above courses of act

Southern Railway Temporary Augmentation of Trains 16334 , 16335

In order to cater to the extra rush of rail passengers and to enhance the passenger carrying capacity, Southern Railway has decided to augment the following trains o­n temporary basis as under:

One additional 3-tier AC coach to

Train No. 16334 Thiruvandrum – Veraval Express from 30.11.2015 to 01.02.2016 Train No. 16333 Veraval – Thiruvanadrum from 03.12.2015 to 04.02.2016

One additional 3-tier AC coach to

Train no. 16336 Nagarcoil – Gandhidham Express from 01.12.2015 to 02.02.2016 Train No. 16335 Gandhidham – Nagarcoil Express from 04.12.2015 to 05.02.2016.


Meals on wheels ? Insight on Indian Railways e-catering services

The most commonly used means of transportation in India especially for long distance travels is Rail transport which was first introduced in 1853. Most of the rail operation is handled by the ministry of railways a state owned organization. The rail network being the 4Th largest in the world covers a total of 64,460 kilometers in length transporting about 7.651 billion passengers and 921 million tonnes of freight as at 2011.
Train are grouped according to their speed. The slower train usually serves the long distance travel with many halts while the quicker ones have lesser stops. The Duronto Express is the trains that do not stop except for operational reasons . Garib Rather, Rajdhani Express and shatabdi Express are the AC fitted trains that links major cities in Indian while suruban trains, Express and Mail trains, fast passengers and passenger are the common kind of trains that stops either at intermediate stations or at all stations depending on the class.

The Railway in Indian providing the major mode of transportation has help bring different people from farther country and making business, education,sightseeing, pilgrimage possible.

The railway system has experienced diverse in changes and development in the services and facilities they offer to their travellers over the years. Most of these facilities are made available by private companies. Company like IRCTC that is in charge of on line ticketing, catering and tourism has help to change the face of railway ticketing in Indian by introducing I-tickets, e-tickets which is booking of ticket via its website, SMS and through GPRS. Also, recently Rocket Internet’s on line food ordering platform i.e Foodpanda announced its association with IRCTC for meal pre orders for travellers and Hello curry also ties up with IRCTC for meal provision for trains. As they know the importance of food to travellers.

IRCTC has started e-catering service mainly for trains of no pantry so that passengers can book for the meal of their choice via e-catering website (, SMS (MEAL TO 139), and Phone (1800-1034-139 Toll free, 0120-4383892-99 Toll). The least amount of ordering is Rs.60 per vendor (unit) per station/location. There services are from 0600 hours to 2200 hours. Passengers with a valid reservation ticket may order either using the website, phone or by SMS and booking can be done by wait listed passenger by calling the above numbers. The calls will be received and passenger will be asked to send a confirmatory SMS (MEAL *PNR*) to 139 followed by a call from the call centre executive to the passenger for accepting order.

Although, there have been in existence different ways in which traveller feeds themselves which is normally from home-made food, hawkers, and restaurants at stations before the on line food delivery.

Although, Food delivery on train is emerging as the most comfortable for train travellers due to the conveniences it offers. It helps to cut the stress and worries of getting food somewhere else on train. Survey conducted by foodpanda still show that most of the Indian youths are more conscious of price of food ordering compare to others and only 23% values the quality. This call for the question “Is food delivery better of”?

Taking a look at the pros aspect of food delivery, it may be said that food delivery helps in reducing the stress of food search on train, it provides more hygienic food, provides food of choice because it gives room for choice of food unlike others where you settle for what is available. Another advantage of food delivery is that it gives room for complaints as there is an avenue to give your complaints on line which will in turns also help to constantly check the standard and quality of food offered to customers.

Food delivery has it’s disadvantages, food delivery also has some cons. According to people’s complains, food delivery is said to offer lesser quantity and quality of delivery to customer I.e at times they do not offer value for money.
some can not comprehend the rudeness of the workers why to some the delivery are not hygienic enough for consumption.

In general, When food delivery is weighed for both the pros and cons, it may be said that it is of more advantage than the disadvantages and will get to improve on time because delivery companies will put in more effort to meet the requirements and standard that travellers want.